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Professional Experience

Seymour Gertz, President/CEO

Stan Gertz, Chief Operating Officer

Brianne Farkasch, Director of Pharmacy/Client Services

Jessica Thiel, Lead Consultant Pharmacist

Felix Villamil, Consultant Nurse


Pharmacy Consultants

Consultant Nurses are on staff and available for:

Consultant Pharmacists are on staff and available for:

Pharmacist consultants also work as part of the in-pharmacy staff. This is necessary to understand both sides of the service.

Our consultants will work with you to prepare for audits and surveys. They will also provide quarterly in-services.

About Care One

Exceptional quality service — personal, professional and responsive. We pay attention to the specific needs of each facility. Additional Info


Our professional staff has years of experience in Long Term Care and is always available for your questions and concerns.


A pharmacist is on staff 24 hours a day to answer any questions. Scheduled and Stat Deliveries available. Additional info

Tech & Industry

We are continously updating and improving to meet the needs of your facility.
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