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About Care One Pharmacy Services

Care One is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin

Benefits of using Care One Pharmacy Services

  • Attention to specific needs of each facility.
  • Create a customized care plan based on your facility’s unique needs.
  • Attention to details in patient care.
  • Our pharmacists triple check each prescription order.
  • We believe automated operators are a stall tactic. Calls are answered by a live person.
    • All calls are picked up directly by our data entry department. This shortens the wait time for pending issues.
  • While servicing your facilities, we will always maintain the same level of customer service.

Medical Records and Forms

  • Our Medical Records printed on a laser printer which makes them clean and clear.
  • POS and MAR  print with patient image.
  • MAR also has images of each medication.
  • Also available:
    • Treatment sheets
    • Behavioral Monitoring Records
    • Diabetic Flow Sheets
    • IV POS
  • All standard reports and any specialty reports can be customized for your needs.

Billing Practices

  • 14 day supply for all facility responsible pay types.
  • Split billing for pay type changes once the resident has exhausted his Medicare A days.
  • Credits are given on returned items and medications.
  • Statements are clear and easy to read and sent to the facility in multiple ways.
    • Hard copy on statement paper.
    • PDF format via email
    • Excel spreadsheet via email

Technology & Reporting

  • RNA software vendor is constantly improving and developing programs to meet the needs of each facility.
  • Adapts quickly and accurately to ever changing regulations and industry standards.
  • IAMOS and IMED TABLET presented by RNA.

Cost Savings

  • Over-the-Counter medications can be purchased via House Stock.
  • Our pharmacy can alert the facility when an OTC medication is requested to be ordered and stop any fills.
  • IV supplies can be purchased through central supply.

Threshold for expensive medications.

  • Our pharmacy will stop any medication for a resident with a facility pay type from being filled, if the cost exceeds a predetermined dollar amount.
  • We will provide an alternative and send the medication if approved by an authorized person.

Facility Formulary.

  • We can stop fills or dispense a short supply of a non-formulary medication, alert the facility, and provide an alternative listed on the formulary.

Laws and Regulations

CareOne Pharmacy is a member of MHA and ASCP.

  • We are the first to be notified of new regulations and guidelines.
  • Manufacture price increases are sent to us via email weeks before they go into effect.
  • Product availability and recalls.
  • Our billing department is signed up to receive email alerts from all contracted insurance plans and Illinois Medicaid as soon as they are published.
  • Changes to formulary lists.
  • Illinois Medicaid regulations and rule changes.


  • We believe that communication is the key to having the best possible relationship between your facility and the pharmacy. ¬†Every aspect of your residents needs will be communicated to the facility per the procedures that we have put into place.

About Care One

Exceptional quality service — personal, professional and responsive. We pay attention to the specific needs of each facility.


Our professional staff has years of experience in Long Term Care and is always available for your questions and concerns. Additional info


A pharmacist is on staff 24 hours a day to answer any questions. Scheduled and Stat Deliveries available. Additional info

Tech & Industry

We are continously updating and improving to meet the needs of your facility.
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